Goretti Pombo

Goretti Pombo is a visual artist with sprinkles of conceptual art. Storytelling and world-building take centre stage in Goretti’s work as she expands the world of ‘Asterousa’. Asterousa is Goretti’s alternative reality filled with absurd and eccentric characters doing absurd and eccentric things. However, the more you look at these characters and their actions, the more you will discover their connection to our reality. With her works, Goretti retells stories and experiences from her life. These stories are heavily tinted with her obscure and humorous opinions and fantasies.

‘With the Flevolab project, I look forward to testing myself with how I’ll deal with the bare landscape of Flevoland. With “having fun” as the main driving force in my practice, I always find myself working in busy and lively cities. But what will happen in Flevoland, a place that seems to be the opposite of places I usually enjoy? Will I adapt to Flevoland or will I make Flevoland adapt to me? Is there an in-between?’